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20 Inch Monitor

HP V222vb FHD Monitor, 1080p VA Display, 75Hz Refresh Rate, 21.5-inch...

HP V222vb FHD Monitor, 1080p VA Display, 75Hz Refresh Rate, 21.5-inch...

  • AN EVERYDAY MONITOR – Answer emails, check your social feeds, and watch the latest shows on a tilt-adjustable monitor that delivers stunning picture quality in a highly affordable style.
  • FULL HD DISPLAY – Be prepared for brilliant visuals on this 21.5-inch Full HD display (1); enjoy colors that pop and superb black levels thanks to its 75Hz refresh rate, a contrast ratio of 3000:1, and a dynamic contrast ratio of 5M:1 (2).
  • SHARE THE PANORAMIC VIEW – Get vibrant detail from practically any position with wide, 178-degree viewing angles on a VA panel.
  • MODERN CONNECTIVITY – Easily connect additional devices, storage drives, or monitors through the HDMI and VGA ports.
  • EASY ON THE EYES – The TÜV certified Low Blue Light Mode subtly shifts your display’s colors to a warmer spectrum while making whites more natural for greater comfort and less eye strain.
  • ERGONOMIC ADJUST – Find your best viewing position and stay comfortable during your next binge-watch or marathon project by tilting the screen up to 5 degrees forward or 22 degrees backward.
  • NARROW BEZEL DESIGN – Optimized for both looks and efficiency, your monitor's narrow bezel lets you enjoy more of your screen.
  • PERSONALIZE YOUR SETTINGS – Intuitive HP Display Center software lets you customize your monitor to your liking through tailoring display settings, partitioning screens, and even dimming the screen—all through the host PC.
  • VESA MOUNTING – Put your monitor wherever you want with standard 100 x 100 millimeters VESA mounting (3).
  • WARRANTY AND SUSTAINABILITY – Rest easy and work confidently with an environmentally conscious and energy-efficient monitor, backed by HP standard 1-year limited warranty and shipped in completely recyclable packaging (4).

Buyer's Guide

20 Inch Monitor: Buyer's Guide

When it comes to buying a monitor, there are a lot of things to consider. The most important factor when purchasing a monitor is its resolution. Which can be great for your video card and as a result, the quality of your entertainment or work environment. However, it’s important to find a monitor that is compatible with your video card and width of response.

A 20 inch monitor is the biggest and most important monitor you will ever buy. It’s the size of a large TV, and it’s going to change the way you work, watch TV, and play games. And that’s not all. 20 inches also happens to be the size of a large TV, and it’s perfect for all types of users. You no longer have to line up monitors in front of you, or have to find a place to put your mouse. 

You’ll find it hard to come up with the perfect computer before you need a 20 inch monitor. That’s why we have assembled this guide specifically for those of you who are on the hunt: What should I get? If your budget is tight, you might want to consider a small laptop or tablet that can be used as an extension of your desktop. 

This type of computer will allow you to use more than one monitor at once, and if you don’t like what you see on that machine, no problem. It may also be worth looking into buying a smaller desktop instead. These machines are great for people who want to take advantage of multiple monitors without having to purchase an expensive monitor stand.

20 inch monitors are not just useful for gamers, but they’re also useful for anyone who wants to have a home office. The monitor itself is light enough to be moved without help, and it saves you from having to carry all your other equipment with you. You can use it in different rooms, and the flexibility of being able to sit at different parts of the screen will allow you to use whatever screen size best suits your needs.

Once you've got a 20 inch monitor, the next thing that comes in handy is multiple screens. If you want more than one computer at home or at work, then you should consider buying a second 20 inch monitor. This allows you to take advantage of two monitors or more so that you don't want to be limited by only one computer that doesn't support multiple displays.

Factors to Consider When Buying 20 inch Monitor

The monitor you choose will have a huge impact on how your business will perform. You have to make sure that it’s the right size for your needs and that it fits in your office. It’s also important to know enough about monitors to make smart decisions about what size you need, but don’t get overwhelmed by all of the options. 

The following are some of the most important factors when choosing a monitor:


Is there enough room for all of your devices? Will your monitor be able to support multiple monitors? Will it fit in with the rest of your setup?


What kind of brand recognition do you want? Do you want people to associate with an industry leader or just go with popular brands? What is best for your budget and style?


How much color do you want on the screen? Do you prefer more natural-looking colors or more vibrant ones? If so, which screens offer more color depth and contrast?


Are these monitors going to be used for gaming, watching movies, web browsing, or some other use case where high resolutions are required?

Types of 20 inch Monitor

A monitor is a device that’s used to view digital images. The first thing you want to do when you decide on a monitor is to take a look at the basic features of the monitor. There are main types of monitors: flat panels, edge-to-edge (no border), and curved screens.

LCD Monitors 

LCD monitors have one full color backlight that can be adjusted separately depending on the type of content you want to view. You can change your brightness settings and adjust the contrast by adjusting your monitor’s white balance. 

LED Monitors 

LED monitors have no backlight, but they do have a backlight that can be adjusted depending on what kind of display you’re looking at. In addition to this list, there are other important specs: resolution, refresh rate, response time, weight, height and width.

Utilizing the Best Use for 20 inch Monitor

The best part about a 20 inch monitor is the size. The bigger the screen, the more information you can display at once, and the more things you can do to make your work easier. There are all kinds of different ways to get an awesome deal on a 20 inch monitor, buy a power adapter so that you can use it with other monitors. Buy a docking station so that you don't have to take up space in your office. Get some desk space for your monitor. Get USB ports on every corner of your desk so that you can connect multiple monitors directly into your computer.

Pros of Using a 20 inch Monitor

One of the great things about a 20 inch monitor is that you can use it in many different ways. You can use it as a computer monitor, or you can use it as a television. That’s because a 20 inch monitor has a large screen size, so you don’t have to deal with the distance issues people have with typical monitors. With such a large display, you don’t have to worry about using your mouse at the same time. 

You can just stay focused on what you want to see on the screen instead of worrying about how far your mouse will travel. You can also set up multiple monitors for group work, or even work alongside one monitor while checking emails and surfing the web on another.

You’ll be able to watch movies and TV shows in full HD quality on this monster of a screen just like on any other screen, but you won't have to sacrifice sharpness from watching your favorite shows due to the fact that this giant screen won't take away from your photos or videos either.

You don't need as much space for a 20 inch display than for a smaller monitor. When you have more than one monitor in your office or bedroom, you can easily increase the size of your computer without adding more monitors. Just put in another 20 inch display and leave the rest as they are, no extra monitors needed.

Proper Maintenance of 20 inch Monitor

Monitor maintenance is something you can do yourself, or it can be done by a professional. It’s up to you how often you want the monitor cleaned and what kind of cleaning process you want. You can decide whether you want your monitor cleaned every week or just once a month. The thing that matters most is that your monitor has been clean for as long as possible. This helps keep out dust and other objects that could cause errors or slow down your computer's performance.

Monitor protectors are available to help you protect your investment. Monitor protectors come in different sizes, and there are a lot of them. Some protectors have built-in stands, while others have mounts that attach to the back of monitors. Mounts can be expensive, but if you’re going to buy a monitor protector anyway, it might as well be worth it. 

Not only will you be protected from scratches, dents and drops, but you’ll also be able to view your monitor at an angle. If you’re in a meeting or working on a presentation and need to see something over someone else’s shoulder, buying a monitor protector is the way to go.

Frequently Asked Questions About 20 inch Monitor

Is a 20 inch monitor big enough?

Yes, a 20 inch monitor is big enough. In fact, it’s the perfect size for most people. There’s no reason to buy a smaller monitor if you don’t have to, it just won’t work as well. 

But that doesn’t mean you should go all out and buy the biggest monitor. You need to consider the rest of your environment when you pick out your monitor.

What are the dimensions of a 20 inch monitor?

To give an idea of what sizes 20 inch monitors look like, here’s a list of the most common sizes.

Widescreen - 20.4" – 24.1"

Wide - 21.6" – 24.1"

Full-Screen - 22" – 25.6"

Is a 20 inch monitor big enough for gaming?

Gaming is an industry that is constantly growing, and so are the monitors that gamers use. There are lots of great options out there, but how many of them can you actually put in your home? As it turns out, a 20 inch monitor is ideal for gaming. It’s large enough to allow gamers to see all their keys at once, and it’s also big enough to see everything on the screen without getting cut off by other things on the screen. 

This also has advantages for people who want to watch TV with a comfy mouse and keyboard. The biggest advantage for people who play games is that they don’t have to get up from their desk or sit down in front of the computer when they need to use it.

Why should I choose a 20 inch monitor?

A 20 inch monitor is perfect for all types of users. It’s the size of a large TV, so it can fit on any surface and doesn’t require much desk space. It’s perfect for anyone who uses a laptop or a tablet; whether you work in front of it or use it as a secondary monitor. It’s also ideal if you want to watch movies or play games while not using your computer at all.

It's said that the 21:9 ratio (21:9 means wider than the standard 16:9 ratio) is most desirable when watching movies, playing games, or browsing the web. All things considered, the more wide-screen the better (i.e., the more screen area dedicated to each pixel). 

The more screen area dedicated to each pixel allows for a bigger image and offers a greater visual experience. This has got to be one of the easiest things ever to choose from when buying computer monitors, a fantastic feature that many people have been taking advantage of for years now.

How far away should you sit from a 20 inch monitor?

The reason why you need to sit far away from your computer is so that you don't strain your neck. That's because a 20 inch monitor requires you to be at eye level with it. This means that if you're sitting too far away, your computer won't be as comfortable for you as it would be if you were closer to the screen.

Is a 20 inch monitor worth it?

With a 20 inch monitor, you can do more than ever before. You can view your content on a bigger screen and interact with it in a way that was previously impossible. 

On top of that, you can multitask while you work. No longer will people have to wait for your computer to load or just sit there staring at the blank screen.

Final Thoughts

20 inch monitors are not just useful for gamers, but they’re also useful for anyone who wants to have a home office. The monitor itself is light enough to be moved without help, and it saves you from having to carry all your other equipment with you. You can use it in different rooms, and the flexibility of being able to sit at different parts of the screen will allow you to use whatever screen size best suits your needs.

The size of your screen is the most important part of your computer. A 20 inch monitor has many important features that are worth looking at when you’re shopping for a new monitor. For instance, a 20 inch monitor is large enough to do everything you want it to do, including: watch TV, play games, and work on the Internet. 


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