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Affiliate Marketing Programs

Written by: Nicole Colwell  | July 3, 2021

Everyone loves statistics. Check these out.  

If you want to make some passive income, affiliate marketing is by far the easiest way to go. 

But first things first, let’s do a little housekeeping and cover the key items you need to know before you start signing up for all these money makin' opportunities.

What are Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Affiliate marketing programs allow people like you to make commissions on products or services you recommend. 

You can use a website, blog, videos, and social media as an affiliate marketer to make some serious money. 

To put it simply, you make money when something you do results in a sale (or sometimes even just a lead) for the company. 

Not a bad gig, right? 

How do I Join Affiliate Programs? 

The first step in joining an affiliate marketing program is to decide which one you want to join (don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there). 

The second step is simply to go to their page and sign up. 

Every company has its own process. But basically, you’ll just be doing these three things: 

  1. Filling out a form to apply to their affiliate program. 
  2. Activating your account. 
  3. Waiting for approval. 

Pretty easy, huh? 

What Requirements do Affiliate Programs Have? 

There aren’t too make requirements to join most affiliate marketing programs. 

You need two main things - a website and a way to get paid. 

If you want to go all out, make sure your website has an SSL certificate installed for HTTPS.

It’s also a good idea to have an email address that connects right to your domain. 

What Should You Look for in High-Paying Affiliate Programs? 

Like most people, you’re probably interested in the highest-paying affiliate marketing programs you can find, right? 

This is the information you’ll need to gather about each affiliate to see if they’re what you’re looking for: 

  • Commission Rate - How much will they pay you? 
  • Average Order Value (AOV) - How much is the average order?
  • Earnings Per Click (EPC) - If people click your links, what do you earn? 
  • Cookie Duration - How long do cookies last on people’s computers after they click? 
  • Payment Schedule - When does the company pay out? 

Believe it or not...we have compiled a list of 500+ affiliate marketing programs for you to check out. 

Psssttt...if you keep scrolling, you’ll find some bonus info that can make you even more money! 

500+ of the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs Out There

Table of Contents

ArtMobile Apps
Beauty & MakeupMusic
CoffeeOnline Training Courses
CouponsPhotography & Other Electronics
Cryptocurrency & BitcoinReal Estate
Digital Marketing SoftwareSports
FashionTax Preparation
Finance and Credit CardsTravel
Health, Weight Loss & FitnessVideo Gaming
Home Decor & MaintenanceVPNs
MedicalWeb Hosting
Marijuana/CBD OilWebsite Building

As you can see, we have a lot of categories to get through, so let’s get started. 

Art Affiliate Programs

Whether you’re an art collector or an artist yourself, if art is your thing, you might do really well with any of these affiliate marketing programs. 

Beauty & Makeup Affiliate Programs

If your bathroom sink looks like this, then it’s obvious that beauty and makeup are what you’re into. 

Why not make some extra money with affiliate marketing? These sites are great. 

Coffee Affiliate Programs 

Do you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur? 

If you’ve joked that you really should have a coffee IV drip, check out these coffee affiliate marketing opportunities. 

Cooking Affiliate Programs

Some people see cooking as an art form. 

If that’s you, why not design a website filled with delicious recipes and promote one of these guys to make some extra cash? 

Coupons Affiliate Programs

Remember those crazy coupon TV shows where stores actually ended up owing the customers money because their couponing skills were so good? 

People still do that. 

You can make some serious money with a website that promotes these companies. 

Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

You’d have to be hiding under a rock to not know about all the craziness surrounding Bitcoin and other kinds of crypto. 

There may be some serious money to be made if this is the route you take as an affiliate marketing. 

Check out these sites. 

Dating Affiliate Programs

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of money to be made off of dating websites. 

We like these sites the best for affiliate marketing. 

Digital Marketing Software Affiliate Programs

Digital marketing is huge, and it’s only going to get bigger. 

If that’s what gets you excited, many of these companies will pay top-dollar to be featured on your blog, social media sites, or in your videos. 

Fashion Affiliate Programs

Fashion is a great area to get into if you’re an affiliate marketer. 

Everyone needs clothes, shoes, and jewelry, and there are some top-of-the-line brands looking for people like you to promote them. 

Finance & Credit Cards Affiliate Programs

Does it surprise you to learn you can make money by promoting credit cards and financial companies? 

All of the following will pay you big bucks for results on your website. 

Health, Weight Loss & Fitness Affiliate Programs

Health, weight loss and fitness are three related categories that reach a lot of people. 

If working hard to stay healthy is what turns you on, you might do very well promoting any of these sites. 

Home Decor & Maintenance Affiliate Programs

When your friends have questions about how to decorate their homes or how to fix something that’s broken, do they come to you?

If so, you might just find your affiliate marketing niche right here. 

Medical Affiliate Programs 

It’s also possible to make money as an affiliate marketer by promoting medical companies. 

A lot of them carry products that people really need. 

Marijuana/CBD Oil Affiliate Programs

Because marijuana is getting legalized all over the United States, more pot and CBD companies are starting to turn out affiliate marketing opportunities. 

Check out any of the following to cash in on this growing industry. 

Mobile Apps Affiliate Programs

Everybody and their grandmother has a smartphone these days. 

There’s a lot of money to be made in apps. Why shouldn’t you get a piece of that? 

Music Affiliate Programs

Music is a great space to get into for affiliate marketing. 

These companies all have some awesome opportunities for the musically inclined. 

Online Training Courses Affiliate Programs

Today you can learn just about anything just by going online and taking a course or two. 

People are also looking for ways to teach others what they know and make money. These sites all have affiliate marketing programs that can be quite profitable.  

Pets Affiliate Programs

Do your friends make fun of you because you basically have a farm living inside your home? 

Why not put some of your pet knowledge to work for you and become an affiliate marketer within the pet space? 

Photography & Other Electronics Affiliate Programs

This category is a popular one, and lots of people are into electronics and photography. 

The payouts on some of these - especially big-ticket items - are pretty good. 

Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Whether you just like watching House Hunters or you’re a real estate agent, there’s some money to be made in real estate affiliate marketing. 

Shopping Affiliate Programs 

Your friends might call you a shop-a-holic, but they’ll be singing a different tune when you’re making money off your obsession. 

These websites are chock full of affiliate marketing opportunities and they have a ton of products too. 

Sports Affiliate Programs

Getting into sports affiliate marketing might be a great move for you if you love everything about sports. 

You can choose to promote products, betting, or a mix of both!

Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs 

Affiliate marketing programs in the tax prep space might only be profitable for you a few months out of the year. 


But that doesn’t mean they can’t be profitable; especially if your site focuses on finances. 

Travel Affiliate Programs

What’s better than traveling all over? 

Making money when other people travel all over, of course! 

Video Gaming Affiliate Programs

People who are into video gaming are serious about their favorite hobby. 

If you do it right, you can make decent money being an affiliate marketer in this space. 

VPNs Affiliate Programs

Online privacy and anonymity are really important to people today. 

There are a lot of VPN affiliate marketing opportunities out there so you can cash in when people invest in them. 

Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Web hosting affiliate marketing programs can be great; even for people who are just starting out. 

Check out these guys. 

Website Building Affiliate Programs

It’s crazy to think how many websites are out there, and more are being built every day. 

Why not take advantage of that in your affiliate marketing pursuits? 

Bonus Info: What are the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners? 

One of the biggest mistakes people make when starting affiliate marketing is not picking a niche they love. 

Don’t be that guy (or gal). 

Any affiliate marketing program can be profitable, and it doesn’t have to be a hard way to earn money. 

But if you’re the type of person who needs a list, these programs are great places to start: 

  • Fiverr
  • Amazon Associates
  • Commission Junction
  • ShareASale
  • Awin

You Can Cash in Over and Over Again by Working with Recurring Affiliate Programs

Some companies offer one-time payouts when you make a sale. 

But others will pay you monthly


If that intrigues you, check out these sites first: 

  • Pabbly
  • Buzzsprout
  • Thinkific
  • IPVanish
  • Wordable
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Moosend
  • Netpeak Software
  • amoCRM
  • Leadpages

Are Affiliate Networks the Same as Affiliate Marketing Programs? 

Not exactly. 

An affiliate network opens the door to lots of affiliate marketing companies for you. 

It lets you find what you’re looking for all in one place. 

But they do have some great benefits, such as: 

  • Helping you reach a larger audience. 
  • Comparing commissions easily across their programs. 
  • Quick payments.
  • Easy tracking abilities. 

A Final Word on Affiliate Marketing Programs

Now that you’re armed with the info you need, all that’s left to do is get started. 

You’re going to love affiliate marketing, and if you do it right, it’s a great way to make some passive income doing something you love.

And if you want some help building, growing or monetizing your blog start here:

  • Blog Launch - Our step-by-step process on turning your passion into profits by building a blog and gets tons of traffic.
  • Blog Writing Mastery - Our step-by-step process on writing blog posts that rank in search and convert like crazy.
  • SERP University - Our free group where we help you on your journey to passive income, answering any questions you might have and providing tons of free training and resources to get you to your goals faster.
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