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What is Modern Millionaires?

The Modern Millionaires is an educational program that teaches people how to become financially self-sufficient.

Even if you have no prior expertise in the sector, the Modern Millionaires course will educate you how to start a local lead generating firm.

In a nutshell, it is a four-module step-by-step method. For your convenience, each module includes its own set of training videos and resources.

However, you’ve got three options to choose from before joining them, depending on what you want to learn and do:

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This is the most economical option, and it includes the four video modules indicated above. These will educate you how to set up your lead generation company.

  • How can you make a high-quality website in under one hour?
  • How to nail your Google and FB Ads campaigns?
  • How can you use automation tools to save time when working with several clients?
  • How to get contracts signed without having long conversations with prospects?
  • And more.

It also offers downloadable templates you can use to speed up contract creation and script templates to help you land new clients. You’ll also have access to a private Facebook community and 24/7 email assistance.


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This package includes all of the training materials from the Modern Millionaires course as well as a few bonuses to help you expand your local lead generating business.

The DWY package includes the following:

  • Everything is included in the DIY kit.
  • Weekly live coaching sessions
  • Personal mentoring
  • 90-day agency for modern millionaires Bootcamp


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This “DFY” (done-for-you) option does not include the full program, but you will have complete access to Modern Millionaires’ team of specialists who will handle everything for you.

This is an excellent alternative if you don’t want to do any of the work yourself and want to get started right away.

It’s LEGIT! – Modern Millionaires Consensus

Here are some of my favorite aspects of Modern Millionaires:

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  • Excellent client service
  • A community of learners
  • A great deal of information
  • Course material that is simple to grasp
  • Well-structured
  • It emphasizes hard effort over get-rich-quick scams.
  • You will get access to professional mentors.
  • Let’s take a closer look at these.

Excellent client service

One of the biggest reasons I choose Modern Millionaires over any other online educational product is the excellent customer service.

I recently contacted the customer care team, who kept me updated on the status of my course completion via email. They also respond quickly to your questions and may even call you to follow up.

It’s refreshing to see such a personal touch from an online education provider, and it’s what keeps people coming back for more.

A community of learners

One feature that truly sticks out to me is the course’s private Facebook community where you can ask questions, get advice, and learn from other students.

I’ve participated in numerous masterminds and learning communities, and this type of peer support is invaluable.

It fosters connections between people that you would not find by reading a book or following a blog.

You may help one other overcome obstacles and stay inspired by watching what others are accomplishing.

It also helps you keep accountable and allows you to learn from others in an informal atmosphere, which would not be possible in a regular classroom setting.

A great deal of information

The course contains a massive quantity of knowledge that is presented in an easy-to-understand manner.

There are no sophisticated financial words or formulae – simply the information you need to get started.

Course material that is simple to grasp

The course is designed for everyone, even novices. The courses are really clear and simple to understand, and the videos are very nicely edited.

The course content is also quite practical, making it simple to apply what you learn in the real world.


The course has been intended to avoid overwhelming you with too much information at once.

It begins easy and gradually becomes more tough as you continue through the portions.

This is a feature I really enjoy since I believe it helps folks who are new to this type of stuff (like me!) not feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available.

It emphasizes hard effort over get-rich-quick scams.

Some people wish to find a technique to become wealthy without exerting any effort. They are on the lookout for “get-rich-quick” schemes or shortcuts.

The Modern Millionaires course focuses on working hard instead of get-rich-quick schemes. It demonstrates how the most successful people worked really hard and gradually grew their enterprises.

The training also teaches you how to think like a billionaire, which is extremely useful for becoming and remaining motivated.

access to professional mentors.

The Modern Millionaires course is packed with content, but what sets it apart from other online courses is that you have access to expert mentors.

You’ll be able to contact them directly if you have any issues or need assistance on your business.

The mentors have extensive experience in the digital space and can assist you in avoiding common errors that most entrepreneurs make.

For whom is Modern Millionaires created?

The curriculum was created primarily for folks who want to develop their own home-based business and make a full-time income online. However, it can also be utilized by current agencies to scale their operations or by entrepreneurs looking to gain additional clients online.

This program is also appropriate for you if you:

  • You’re ready to take charge of your life and alter it forever.
  • You want to start a firm that is both profitable and sustainable.
  • You want to skip the tedious “learning” process and get right into the action. You want to make more money than you ever imagined possible.
  • You want to work with genuine people who have done it themselves. You want a proven technique that works in any area, regardless of your background.

👍 ModernMillionaires is highly recommended – Click here to get started

ModernMillionaire Customer Reviews

customer reviews of the modern millionaire program testimonials

These folks are the real deal, and being a part of the MM fam is a wonderful thing. I love the neighborhood and the amazing individuals that live there; believe me, it’s a blessing and an eye-opening experience to be around these crazy men.

This information can change your life and is not for the faint of heart. You must implement the principles and approaches in the courses and be willing to fail forward. Especially for those who lack knowledge or understanding of what it takes to manage and own their own business.However, if you consider the time and trial and error of everything you try for the first time, you will notice numerous golden nuggets of vital knowledge structured within a flow to provide results if you devote the time and effort required to achieve.Like school, work, or any other activity or ambition, you must want the outcome badly enough to overcome the obstacles of temporary setbacks and short-term failures.

There is no better opportunity than Modern Millionaires, nor two better teachers than Chance and Abdul to teach you how to take control of your financial future and place it squarely in your own hands.

This program is fantastic. The community and coaches are outstanding. If I have an issue, I know I can ask for assistance and they will gladly assist me. I’ve met a lot of amazing folks here. Nothing short of fantastic.

Modern Millionaires has improved both my personal and family lives. I adore financial independence and the ability to control one’s own fate in terms of how well one does in this industry.

What I admire is the amount of time and work put into the course. It is thorough and useful.
excellent course. Based on what I’ve seen so far in the course, I really don’t have any constructive comments.

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I saw the MM program advertised on YouTube and was intrigued, yet doubtful. There was no better moment for me to try something new, so I decided to give it a shot. My family and I had sold our property and were traveling full-time with no employment prospects or plans for money. I jumped in headfirst, with no way out, and started the bootcamp. I had my first client within the first 90 days, and by the end of the bootcamp, I had three clients. This system works if you pay attention and follow the instructions. They will not make you wealthy unless you do some work yourself. I completed the work, and now I have six clients in four months. This training completely transformed my life. I hope to have 12 clients by April 2022 and to continue growing. I’m aiming for $20,000 per month. With this training, anything is possible.

customer reviews of the modern millionaire program testimonials2

fantastic company. Chance and Abdul have spent the last seven years developing this world-class teaching platform. With everything MM has taught me, I am currently earning $18,000 a month.

I’ve been with MM for quite some time. It is a highly loving community that truly wants you to succeed. Other companies will take your money but not offer you with the necessary support. They have a support system that genuinely cares about you. As long as you are committed and show up, MM will hold your hand and show you the way to success. They want you to succeed. They supply us with life resources 5 days a week and archives 24 hours a day. You can also Do It Yourself (DIY), DWY, or DFY. You must keep pushing, remove all hurdles, and show up and follow their directions to the letter with a team that is completely behind you. Invest in yourself and show up, and the MM community will hold your hand through the process.

Some of the setup videos are too detailed for individuals who are not as technically knowledgeable. Because I have so many tools that are just partially configured, I find myself rewatching and asking a lot of questions.

I paid $1,500, and after one week, my family of six was busted by COVID-19 for many months. My underlying health issue is still present, as are post-COVID health concerns.Please reimburse whatever money that I and my eight children require, especially since I have not used your software even once. Your understanding and your good humor are really tempting. And I pledge to be videotaped as a genuine testament to your goodness. I know $1500 is nothing to you, but I will be paying the bank for many years while receiving no advantage from your scheme. Your prompt and positive reaction is greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

Hello everyone! So, Chance and Abdul own and run Modern Millionaires. They are actual people who are incredibly cool and knowledgeable. I invested in MM because it seemed legitimate. That it is. I got the impression that making money would be simple, doable, and quick. This was not my experience. You can definitely make money. It does, however, necessitate effort. Personal, sales, and technical tasks. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. You’d be paying for a course that teaches you how to generate money. I’ve worked with them for two years and have made thousands of dollars. However, I have been doing it part-time and am still not able to maintain my family without another job. As a result, your success will be determined by your dedication, time, and experience. I haven’t had much of either. So I’m a slow learner. But I’m getting better!

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I have had some difficulties with foreclosure and even losing my friend’s home, but the goal is still the same to bring the corrupt who destroy so many lives to justice, so that has brought me to an idea to utilize my need with the lawful niche and barter for the chosen firms’ support for providing paying leads, so I have been slow out of the gate from the errs and ghosts of the past we all must overcome. We all have to work to make a dollar to keep the lights on, and those are just excuses I’ve made to keep myself from pushing forward faster, and the one star missing from the five is me. I am still in the midst of developing an agency, and God has blessed me abundantly. The MM family is definitely at the top of that list, and the relationship will bear fruit from many orchards.

Modern millionaires have continually enhanced their training by bringing top industry practices and assessing a variety of services to help you expand or build your own agency or even business. I’ve used Modern Millionaires’ strategies to grow my own business and develop expert knowledge in lead generation, advertising, and marketing. Chance and Abdul have continued to show up for this community every Wednesday during a Zoom meeting for the past four years. Initially, there was only training and one weekly meeting. They have added several instructors and software and revised the training three times in the last four years. The most recent version was released in January 2022. They started and grew this community from nothing to over 6,000 members. I joined Modern Millionaires when there were just about 200 people. These guys are committed to assisting ordinary people in achieving success and financial freedom. All that is required is the willingness to follow through and complete the work.

👍 ModernMillionaires is highly recommended – Click here to get started

I am completely new to marketing or anything else; I was quite concerned about this “seminar” and the fee. The course can be a bit vague and wide at times, as if they are giving you a brief notion and then expecting you to figure out the rest, and it doesn’t help that most of the information is from a few years ago and is no longer setup that way, costs a lot more, and so on. There is undoubtedly some useful knowledge in the course, but the majority of my 5 stars go to the community and all the mentors who are willing to assist. Overall, I like how the course points you in the correct path and shows you how to get things set up, as well as how much time it saves! Time equals money. I’m around 70% through everything and facing some roadblocks, but thanks to the group and the weekly videos, I feel like I have somewhere to turn. If you have the extra money, I would recommend this course because the time it saves and the community are both excellent resources.

I’ve tried several different things to get out of the rat race, ranging from MLM to a job involving cold calling. I’ve had a variety of regular employment in a variety of sectors. This is not a get rich quick scheme that requires no work. I work full-time and have found it difficult to keep up with the 90-Day Bootcamp. They are demonstrating, instructing, and assisting us in taking the necessary steps to get to where we need to go. The feeling of rushing and moving forward with uncertainty is ultimately intended to assist everyone of us in reaching profitability as quickly as feasible. That is the ultimate payoff: having a prosperous business while also helping others. If you are lazy, content with your life, unwilling to learn and unwilling to leave your comfort zone, this program is not for you. If you want more out of life and want to do something about it, I’d say welcome to the family. In one month and two days, I landed my first client… I challenge you to do better.

Prepare to work your business with supplemental money. Although learning tools are available, there is no guarantee of how systems will react to you as a new organization moving into the social media sphere. Some aspects are annoying, and there is a faint sense of a members-only club. If you are not in the inner circle, you are unlikely to be. In terms of communication with the so-called coach when you sign up, my representative is someone akin to Helen Keller. Nothing was seen or heard.I’ll admit that this is a work in progress, and Abdul and Chance are both hunting for the next great thing. For better or worse, it can bring up new chances and ideas as the world changes. Keeping up with industry changes requires effort and time. MM is all about getting you started with ideas, but what you do with those ideas will make or destroy your business. Attend meetings, listen intently to suggestions, and take notes if you truly want to make this work. Creativity is essential, and you may be the next big thing.

If I could, I’d give MM 6 stars. This is the best digital agency training I’ve ever attended, and I’ve attended a lot. The training modules are deliberately separated so that you may get started with implementation as soon as possible. Chance and Abdul are enthusiastic about their businesses, helping clients grow and educating students on how to do the same. Their enthusiasm for whatever they do is contagious, making following along exciting and engaging. They cover everything from typical mindset challenges and how to avoid and/or overcome them to technical topics such as pricing and closing agreements. This course is for anyone who is ready to put their heads down and get to work in order to achieve financial independence and live the life they’ve always desired. There is no requirement for prior experience or education. To grow as a business and as a person, all you need is determination and the willingness to step outside of your comfort zone. If you get stuck, the Facebook group is there to assist you. I completed the course around two years ago and I’m still learning new things from the group on a daily basis. It is definitely a family! I really suggest it, but only to those who are willing to commit and devote the necessary time and effort. This is not a get-rich-quick plan. What you put into it is what you will get out of it.

customer reviews of the modern millionaire program testimonials3

I kept seeing their advertisements and wondered, “What the heck?” Chace and Abdul appeared fascinating, so I booked a call with them. I spoke with Carlos and entered into the conversation dubious. He was a strong coach. He helped me overcome my worries… and I noticed hundreds of successful students in the Facebook Group. I enrolled after the instructor took me through the entire MM course, module by module. They had a special Orientation call after I enrolled that went me through everything step by step. I felt quite welcomed at the end of the first week… That’s when the real value bombs began to fall. These guys have put together a huge/extremely supportive community and group of “10k Club Coaches” who are making $10k+/month… some of them even making $30k+/month… each of them releasing relevant info on “Facebook Ads”, “Getting Agency Clients”, “Scaling”, “Landing Pages” and “Scaling Up” These highly relevant, super helpful trainings have helped me gain several clients… I’m not yet at $10,000 per month, but I’m on my way!! I would strongly suggest them to anyone. If you’re still unsure, schedule a call and ask the enrollment coach to guide you through the community. If you’re looking for a quick way to make money, If that’s what you want, then keep working your 9-to-5 jobs since you’re not ready to start a serious business.

The Modern Millionaires is an online program that assists people in establishing a digital marketing agency. The materials are fantastic. Yes, it is costly, but so is the most effective training. You basically get what you pay for. As a course subscriber, I appreciate how the content is organized. It’s concise and to the point. The teachers constantly stick to an agenda, so the videos are always on point with none of the normal rambling that so many other “experts” do. Ahmed and Chance are both excellent people. They know their thing, and I believe they are slightly ahead of the curve in comparison to much of the other antiquated junk out there. This may not be your cup of tea, but it has proven beneficial to me.

Chance and Abdul deliver so much stuff that it’s incredible and well worth the money. They’ve also assembled an incredible team of coaches to whom you can turn for advice. That network is very encouraging; it truly restored my confidence when I was feeling down. It’s incredible to peer over the shoulder of a seven-figure entrepreneur while they create their campaigns. The effects I’ve gotten have been immediate.

The training is really fantastic! I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t be successful if you followed their advice and took “imperfect action.” Prospecting tactics are extensive, and they provide the greatest marketing approach for Google advertisements. Chance and Abdul are both current owners of seven-figure agencies, so they know what they’re talking about. As a recent college graduate, I’m utilizing their training to expand my own firm. Trust the process and their guidance.

Not only have I acquired perspective in business, practice, and outlook, but also in the importance of personal growth in family and faith! As a Christian, I am constantly striving to reach out with what I do and say for the betterment of others, and this program not only equips me to do so corporally, but also communally, as I am supported and can support new and current colleagues who are adopting this business model. It’s totally worth it, and I can’t thank you enough for your assistance in getting me started after I was laid off from my former job in IT.

I sincerely feel you are a group of wonderful individuals who genuinely wish to help others and have benefited many. Your assistance to me was unique, yet it demonstrated wonderful honesty and a truly kind heart. You’ve always been there for me when I needed it, but I don’t want to give the incorrect impression. With all of your thorough videos and excellent staff assistance, I am confident that the firm will succeed. I can personally attest to this company’s reputation. When I began experiencing heart problems, I was advised to reduce my stress and relax. Learning a new business and staying engaged to help create it was not something I could accomplish without significantly increasing my risks. But I still wanted to, but the time was not right. This was due to an unexpected situation, but my friend and startup coach, Wahaj, acted as my savior and came to my rescue. Nowadays, so many people can be such jerks that they don’t care if they haven’t earned a customer’s money; they’d rather retain it and call it business. It’s stealing by taking advantage of people, and it demonstrates low character, and the creator observes such behavior and eventually evens things out. But you, the guys at MM, have demonstrated a high level of integrity, and I know they have been and continue to be blessed for it, as they serve people rather than hurt them. I’ve seen numerous businesses generate money by hurting and stealing from individuals, and they’re going to pay for it shortly. MM has nothing to be concerned about because they help people like me and are deserving of your trust if you want to join them and learn how to generate money. They have gold hearts that bless others, so I am grateful to them for assisting me. Thank you so much, MM! God bless everyone. You contribute to a better world. Thanks.

The basic MM program is nice and does include video lessons to help lead you through the process, but I felt I needed more of a hands-on, hand-holding learning experience, which is where the 90-Day Boot Camp comes in. I did pay more to get into it, and it was challenging financially at first to make it happen, but I had a strong feeling that this school would get me where I wanted to go, unlike a lot of the other sham courses that are just smoke and mirrors. I was fortunate to have two incredible coaches, Jason and Brian, who were simply excellent and incredibly hands-on, helping you out and explaining things to you down to the smallest detail, and holding your hand every step of the way. I got my first customer within the first two months of the 90-Day program, and everything I’ve learnt is preparing me to get more. I’m not quite sure I understand everything yet, but I will say that the fact that I can go to the coaches, or even Chance or Abdul directly, and they’re more than happy to help and reply is incredible. How many other courses do you know where the actual founders will respond immediately to a student to assist them personally rather than simply pawning them off to someone else?

I will add that I’ve seen other members who I became acquainted with when I first started who were also in the early stages, already enjoying amazing success; I simply don’t move at the same rate as they do, but things are starting to fall into place for me as well. To be completely honest, you must be completely dedicated and understand that if you want success, you must put in the labor and hours required to create your business, and there is a financial investment that is greater than the price you initially see. There are monthly recurring costs that you’ll need to pay to get systems in place, as well as for advertising, etc., so if you’re really serious about trying to get this to a faster rate of success, just know that you’re going to have to make a bit more of a financial investment than you initially thought you would, but it does work and it has worked for me so far. I went from having no sales experience and never picking up the phone to landing my first client around two months after beginning the Boot Camp.

👍 ModernMillionaires is highly recommended – Click here to get started

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